Dear Friends,

We've been getting a lot of calls at the church office lately, so we wanted to post an update for you here, and hope that you will help spread the news.

Here's the good news! We are moving forward with plans to host the 25th Annual Father-Daughter Ball, February 12th,13th, and 14th, 2021, at the

HAPO Center in Pasco.

Regrettably, until we know more about what "gatherings" will look like in the upcoming year, the details of our plans are on hold. Therefore, we will not be releasing detailed information about the ball until mid-to-late December. This includes the theme and ticket information.  We can tell you that we are diligently seeking the LORD on the matter and would appreciate your prayers. We encourage you to check our Facebook page for updates and information. 

For now, this is all the information we have for you at this time.  

Thank you for being such an avid participant and supporter of the

Father-Daughter Ball.  We look forward to bringing this incredible

event to you and your daughters in 2021

In His faithful service,

Renae Quigley

Ministry Leader | Executive Coordinator

Calvary Chapel Father-Daughter Ball

25th Annual Father-Daughter Ball

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